1 year MS anniversary

The 30th of March 2018, that was the day where I received the diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis aka MS. So much has happened since then. My life has changed in many ways. There have been sad, bad and depressive days but luckily, there have also been good days. People around me have shown kindness, respect and understanding in ways I could only have dreamed of. Without them, it would have been so much worse.

What have I learned?

I have been studying a lot on the Internet regarding MS. The Do’s and the Don’ts. There is much to learn and while I wish that I could adjust my life and personality to fit all of the recommended suggestions and advice, it just isn’t possible. You can’t make that dramatically a change over night. And in my case, not even over a year. And let’s not forget the fact that these things don’t work on all of us. MS can be so different from person to person.

Okay, I might lack some self-discipline and not carry the self-confidence that a person should. I battle anxieties and depression issues once in a while. And I am quite sure that my inner-strength is currently on vacation some place far far away. But these things aren’t going to keep me from making some sort of change. The best way to start is to start small! It has the greatest chance of success.

What is the next step?

Recently I have been studying various MS diets. Then ones that caught my attention are: Wahl’s Protocol (made by Dr. Terry Wahls) and OMS (Overcoming MS by Professor George Jelinek). OMS is a modern version of Professor Roy L. Swank’s MS diet. You can read a bit about the reason here.

With this newfound information, I have decided to put one of them to the test and see if I can feel any positive changes. The diet I have chosen to follow is OMS. Since I have before spend some months on the lacto-ovo vegetarian path (allowing eggs and dairy products), the OMS diet seemed like something I would have an easier time handling. With bad periods and lack of energy, a change like this has to feel possible.

The 15th of March I began this journey and so far so good! I am having some sugar withdrawal symptoms; shaking, headache, cravings. But nothing unexpected. A sudden change like this isn’t something I would promote though. As I mentioned before, small steps have a better chance of success. Unfortunately I am an impatient person and if this change is so important and has a chance of slowing down my MS, then what was I waiting for! So yes, only make a big change like this if you know for sure that you can handle the first weeks/months which will be tough! Otherwise do take your time and ease into it. You will get there and small change is still better than none.

My future plans

If everything succeeds and I managed to stick to this new diet, one of my future plans is to include Yoga in my weekly routine. Exercise is highly recommended no matter which situation you are in. In my case I have quite some limitations to movement and energy, so Yoga seems like the way to go. There are many different kinds out there and I have yet to figure out which will fit me the best. But all the information will still be there when I reach that point of readiness. My first focus is getting some control over everything that’s currently going on in my life, incl. the OMS diet.

All in all I don’t really dare plan much ahead. It all depends on how the MS progresses, if Ocrevus (my MS medicine) is actually working, etc. So I guess we will have to wait and see. Keeping the expectations on a realistic level and just trying to remain positive!