Pixabay and their community

I would like to thank Pixabay and their community of artists.

Many of the pictures I use (the background, some feature images etc.) are from these lovely people.
They share their art for free and for free usage (be sure to read the licenses and rules yourself!), expecting nothing in return.
You can show them your appreciation by donating a bit to your chosen artist, via the “Coffee” button. This is located next to their avatar, below their username.
The button will direct you to PayPal.


Superb Themes

I would like to thank the people from Superb Themes.

This theme which I am using is made by them and is free to use. Of course, as with so many other things, you can upgrade to a premium version.
This has not been necessary for me… yet! But the fact that people offer their products for free, this makes it possible for everyone to join in and create a great website.